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well for starters....
i need help with my ecchi art so if anyone wants to help that will be nice i already have winner can anyone else help me?

SOme projects..

2010-03-08 18:51:30 by tora1001

i might be starting some projects with my buddy would not take very long tho...i draw fast and winners a pretty good artist so well be done in no time so cacth u guys always open for advice

holy crap

2009-08-14 15:21:56 by tora1001

im kinda stuck in the picture making art lol

holy crap

My name is tora I came to newgrounds to do some art submissions later..

as we all know we been having problems with 13 years old boys spamming there existence on the internet,but that stop here....

~Terence Parker(tora1001)