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Entry #4

ok guys so u know i REALLY need help

2010-04-02 23:34:42 by tora1001

well for starters....
i need help with my ecchi art so if anyone wants to help that will be nice i already have winner can anyone else help me?


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2010-04-02 23:37:06

You spelled "opinion" wrong.

tora1001 responds:

OPINION is not in my journal entry


2010-04-03 00:10:51

In your blurb.

tora1001 responds:

dude i REALLY dont care


2010-12-17 16:27:16

I wish I could help, but I don't think I can draw as well as you or winner...
Maybe I could draw as well if I really tried, but I'd have to find the time to do so too o.O
I hope you'll find good help o.o
(I'm thinking hard to see if I could actually be good enough to help o-O)


2011-06-15 22:51:50

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